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As you consider the price of our online courses, we encourage you to do a per-hour price comparison of live classroom training programs offered by various organizations. Remember that in addition to tuition you may incur the cost of airfare, hotel, meals, airport transportation/parking, and assorted other costs..

A non-local, two-day (16 hours) live classroom training program will typically cost approximately $1500 - $2000 for tuition alone, plus travel and related costs. Longer programs have higher costs.

Monitoring Clinical Studies
is one of the most comprehensive programs on the market, consisting of 50-hours* of in-depth training to prepare you to become a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). The cost of this program is $999.99, which includes job-search assistance upon successful completion of the mastery test.

There are no textbooks required, no homework assignments to complete. Everything is online. And, of course, there are no travel costs. 

You can start the program on the same day that you register or at any other date in the future that you select. You have access to the program for 90 days from your selected start date. A time extension for an additional 30 days costs $200. 

Discounts are available for multiple course participants from the same company or academic institution.

At the end of the successful completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of CRA Training Completion.



How to Conduct Clinical Trials The total cost of this program is $800. The program takes approximately 18 hours to complete. Individual completion times will vary. There are no printed materials, the course is entirely online. This program is for physicians and people who want to become a Clinical Research Coordinator.



Statistics for Clinical Research is $900. The program takes approximately 25-35 hours to complete. There are no printed materials, everything is online. This program is designed to teach everyone involved in clinical trials enough about statistics to add value to their position.


Once registered for either program, you will have 90 days of access to both the training program. Upon successful completion of the program and the Course Mastery Exam you will receive a Certificate of Completion.


We accept a personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and Paypal for tuition payment.


*** We do not give refunds of tuition. Be sure you want to register before you do so.***

Quantity Discounts

We offer substantial multiple user discounts for pharmaceutical manufacturers, CROs, SMOs, Academic Institutions or others with large numbers of people to train. Discounts start with as few as five participants from the same company or academic institution. We can customize our programs to meet your specific needs or create a customized training program for your company, for example, SOP training, QA training, Data Management, etc.