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Who Should Enroll

Monitoring Clinical Studies is designed to train professionals who want to enter into the field of pharmaceutical/clinical research as a Clinical Research Associate. Monitoring Clinical Studies is also beneficial to those currently working in the field as a Monitor who want to gain a working knowledge of the overall clinical trial process from Site Selection to Study Closeout. Those with Nursing Degrees and or Nursing experience, Life Science degrees, Clinical Research Coordinators, Laboratory Technicians, Clinical Research Associates, Medical Research Associates, Clinical Scientists, members of an Institutional Review Board, Investigators, Investigator clinical trial site staff, Study Coordinators and Pharmacists can benefit from this course as the online training program gives an overview of conducting clinical trials, the drug development process, and human safety protection.


How to Conduct Clinical Trials is designed to train professsionals who want to learn how to conduct a clinical trial, such as a physician or group of physicians who want to become investigators and conduct clinical trials. Professionals who want to work for someone who is conducting clinical trials as a Clinical Research Coordinator or Clinical Research Nurse will benefit from this program.